Brush and Leaf Pickup

Brush & Leaves

The Village of Sodus picks up brush and leaves from the curb in season.

When placing brush and leaves at the curbside, please consider the following:

  1. We use different equipment to pick up leaves and brush. Please do not combine them. Place brush and leaves in separate piles.
  2. We use equipment to pick up leaves and brush. Please allow ample room for that equipment to operate. Do not pile brush and leaves near trees, poles, or signposts.
  3. We only pick up leaves and brush. Do not pile logs, grass clippings, dirt, gravel, or stones at the curb.
  4. Please keep brush and branches to lengths of six feet, or less.
  5. We may not be by for several days to pick up your leaves and brush. Please ensure that the street and sidewalk remain passable.
  6. If you do not want to wait, you are always welcome to bring your brush to the Village barn at 39 Gaylord Street. Remember, this is only for Village residents.
  7. We accept brush at the barn 24 hours/day. We do not take other items. Absolutely no construction waste.

By keeping these simple restrictions in mind, together we can make the Village a more attractive place.