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Question match the acid base status of the following blood samples to the disorders in the given choices. The first value a nurse should look at is the ph to determine if the patient is in the normal range above or below.

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Today his blood pressure is 90 48 and pulse rate 104.

Sample abg results. In terms of basic interpretation. Just a reminder it should be used for learning and practicing only and is not intended to be used in a real life clinical setting. He has been diagnosed with hashimoto s thyroiditis by his local doctor 4 months previously.

Try to interpret each abg and formulate a differential diagnosis before looking at the answer. The first value is the ph which measures how many hydrogen ions h are in the sample. A base excess more than 2 meq l indicates a metabolic alkalosis.

A value outside of the normal range 2 to 2 meq l suggests a metabolic cause for the acidosis or alkalosis. A base excess less than 2 meq l indicates a metabolic acidosis. When interpreting abg results it is essential to know what abg values are considered normal.

Interpreting abg results is a complex process and requires strong clinical skills in order to take into account an individual s overall condition. The results of an abg can serve as one of the most accurate ways to assess a patient s clinical condition and often times will be the deciding factor between whether a patient has to endure the trauma of intubation and mechanical ventilation or be managed less aggressively by applying non invasive measures. From this baseline you can then begin to recognise significant variations in a patient s results which could indicate clinical deterioration.

If the ph 7 35 then the patient is acidosis remember the lower the ph number the higher the acid level in the body. These are his venous blood gas results. A 21 year old man is brought in by his father with a one week history of vomiting.

Paco2 values are in mm hg and bicarbonate values in mmol l. Abg examples abg exam questions for medical students osces and mrcp paces below are some brief clinical scenarios with abg results. How to interpret an abg.

It s designed to help students master abg interpretation. Therefore this group of abg values is considered metabolic alkalosis thank you. Abg analysis can be easy.

Something as simple as vomiting can change the results just as a serious or life threatening lung condition can cause a change in abg tests. Ph 7 39 paco2 59 hco3 35. If a patient s ph 7 45 the patient is in alkalosis.

Ph 7 31 pco2 39 po2 25 hco3 19. He has not been able to keep any food down. As a respiratory therapist one of the skills you will be performing most is arterial blood gas abg sampling and analyses.

An abg calculator like the one above is a piece of software that can be used to quickly calculate the interpretation of a sample set of abg results. You are called to see a 54 year old lady on the ward. Test your knowledge on the web s most interactive blood gas learning tool.

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