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We will provide arterial blood gas value chart for people living at sea level. The first value a nurse should look at is the ph to determine if the patient is in the normal range.

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If you find the values differ a lot then its better to get it verified by a doctor.

Abg values chart. Facts body will not overcompensate when it comes to acid base balance so. Normal values for arterial blood gas abg normal values are given below. 10 20mmol l oxygen status p50a oxygen tension at 50 saturation on odc.

Don t conclude a result after checking the values in your abg test report. Parameter acidosis normal alkalosisreflects. They have no significant past medical history and are not on any regular medication.

Low values may indicate hyponatremia or decreased plasma protiens. An abg is performed and reveals the following. 10 14kpa pco2.

Finally bicarbonate ions or hco3 will tell you if the problem is related to metabolic changes in your patient and refers to the renal system berman et al. For ph the normal range is 7 35 to 7 45 for paco 2 the normal range is 35 to 45 mmhg respiratory determinant for pao 2 the normal range is 75 to 100 mmhg. The normal range for paco2is 35 to 45 mmhg.

Interpreting an arterial blood gas abg is a crucial skill for physicians nurses respiratory. Normal is considered to be from 22 to 26 mmol l. Below is a chart that contains the different values and determining if the cause is respiratory or metabolic driven.

Ph midpoint is 7 4 if ph on report is 7 4 original problem was. An arterial blood gas requires the nurse to collect a small sample of blood. Ph 7 35 7 35 7 45 7 45 acid base status of body.

7 49 7 35 7 45. Note that these may vary slightly between analysers. The ph scale ranges from 0 which is very acidic to 14 which is very alkaline.

Kaufman md chief section of pulmonary critical care sleep medicine bridgeport hospital yale new haven health assistant clinical professor yale university school of medicine section of pulmonary critical care medicine introduction. How to interpret an abg. The normal abg values are the following.

Interpretation of arterial blood gases abgs david a. A high value can be caused by keto or lactic acidosis or renal failure. Hco3 22 22 26 26 metabolic component.

An abg is performed on the patient who is not currently receiving any oxygen therapy. 14 11 13 kpa 105 mmhg 82 5 97 5 mmhg ph. Be sure to know the normal ranges and units for the analyser you will be using.

Human blood is typically slightly more alkaline than acidic and a normal ph ranges from 7 35 to 7 45. 25 29mmhg fmethb this is the fraction of methaemoglobin. Pco2 45 35 45 35 respiratory component.

This is used to reflect affinity of hb for oxygen. If your abg differ from it then refer to normal value shown by the lab in your locality. Acid base balance refers to the degree of acidity or alkalinity in the human body which is measured by the ph scale.

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