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Abg analysis can be easy. 4 1 kpa 4 7 6 0 kpa 30 7 mmhg 35 2 45 mmhg hco 3.

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Body will not overcompensate when it comes to acid base balance so.

Abg interpretation examples with answers. What is your interpretation. Test your knowledge on the web s most interactive blood gas learning tool. Answers to the abg practice examples.

4 2 to 2 what does the abg show. Her abg is as follows. Abgs should be thought of as a snapshot of how the body is interacting with its environment at a particular time.

A normal pao 2 in a patient on high flow oxygen. Read article arterial blood gas abg interpretation part 3. Try to interpret each abg and formulate a differential diagnosis before looking at the answer.

13 22 26 meq l be. They should always be interpreted as part of a wider assessment of a patient s respiratory function and in line with your organisation s policies. Abg quick interpretation parameter acidosis normal alkalosis reflects ph 7 35 7 35 7 45 7 45 acid base status of body pco2 45 35 45 35 respiratory component hco3 22 22 26 26 metabolic component facts.

Below are a few examples to demonstrate how important context is when interpreting an abg. You are called to see a 54 year old lady on the ward. This is abnormal as you would expect the patient to have a pao 2 well above the normal range with this level of oxygen therapy.

You may find them interesting for your additional reading. Arterial blood gas interpretation practice quiz 20 items part 2. This is due to inadequate ventilation and perfusion.

What interventions would be appropriate for ms. Ph midpoint is 7 4. Arterial blood gas interpretation quiz.

She is three days post cholecystectomy and has been complaining of shortness of breath. Read and understand each question before choosing the best answer. Frank has an uncompensated respiratory acidosis with hypoxemia as a result of his pneumonia.

13 kpa 11 13 kpa 97 5 mmhg 82 5 97 5 mmhg ph. Since this is a review answers and rationales are shown after you click on the check button. The following sources are used as references for this guide.

Barnette l kautz d. The results of the abg are shown below the patient was not on oxygen when this was taken. Below are some brief clinical scenarios with abg results.

This abg is an example of a partially compensated respiratory acidosis. The arterial blood gas abg interpretation video tutorial series is intended to help rn and pn nursing students study for your nursing school exams including the ati hesi and nclex. Arterial blood gas interpretation practice quiz 20 items guidelines.

7 3 7 35 7 45 paco 2. If you need to practice your new skills acquired here check out our arterial blood gas interpretation for nclex 40 questions references and sources.

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