Normal Range Of Abg Report

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If there is a chronic acidosis additional bicarbonate is produced by the kidneys to keep the ph in range. This reading is slightly alkalotic.

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How to interpret an abg.

Normal range of abg report. Some abg results also show hemoglobin and serum electrolyte values. The ph scale ranges from 1 14 where 1 is the strongest acid 14 is the strongest alkali and 7 is neutral. The ph of blood is usually between 7 35 and 7 45.

75 to 100 mmhg. Arterial blood gas test normal values shows values for ph oxygen carbon dioxide bicarbonates lactic acid levels and oxygen saturation. According to the national institute of health typical normal values are.

A ph of less than 7 0 is called acid and a ph higher than 7 0 is called basic alkaline. The normal range for bicarbonate is 22 26mmol l. Partial pressure of carbon dioxide paco2.

This measures the pressure of co2 dissolved in the blood and how well carbon dioxide has the ability to move out of the body. Although the ph may vary slightly within a range and still be considered normal for the purpose of abg analysis 7 4 is considered the absolute norm pagana and pagana 2006. If there are additional acids in the blood the level of bicarbonate will fall as ions are used to buffer these acids.

Arterial blood gas is usually advised to patients suffering from respiratory illnesses or under critical care. Oxygen saturation o2 sat. Partial pressure of oxygen pao2.

The ph measures hydrogen ions h in blood. 94 100 show me nursing programs.

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