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Plus 3 ml arterial blood sampling syringes utilize dry lithium heparin with a low concentration of 7 i u. Hauge ii endoscopy airway.

Smiths Medical Pro Vent Aterial Blood Gas Kit 4589p 1 4591p 1 4660p 1 4699p 1

A line samplers are pre loaded with 25 u of dry balance lithium heparin for prompt anticoagulation.

Abg syringe kit. The low heparin concentration allows for healthcare professionals to obtain very small blood samples and still maintain the full range of blood gas electrolyte and metabolite testing with reduced heparin interference and extended clotting time p. Abg aspirator 1cc luer slip syringe 56 5 iu hep w 3cc waste syringe sterile 100 case. Items 1 40 of 61.

Arterial line a line syringes and kits. Arterial blood gas kits abg all blood samplers utilize lyophilized heparin to preserve blood sample integrity which reduces the risk of dilution errors that may be associated with liquid heparin. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your clinical needs across a range of critical care settings.

One available kit also contains a 3 ml waste syringe. They are available with the following configurations. Contact support catalog 364413.

Accessories barriers baseplates colon and rectal tubes enema bags and kits irrigation sleeves ostomy hernia belts. Rapidlyte arterial blood gas sampling syringes and multicap capillaries are designed to help minimize pre analytical error help keep users safe and help maximize workflow efficiencies. Included is a needle protection sheath that cores the bevel and encapsulates the contaminated needle to prevent blood spatter.

Arterial blood gas kits. Arterial blood gas abg arterial puncture syringe and kits with needle protection devices. Anesthesia injection needles anesthesia trays hypodermic needles nerve block devices syringes syringes with needles.

Arterial blood gas kit 50 arterial blood gas aspirator 1 arterial blood sampling kit 3 arterial blood gas syringe kit 2 arterial line syringe 2 arterial blood gas collection kit 1 arterial blood gas syringe 1 arterial line kit 1 blood gas syringe 1 peripheral arterial disease kit 1 more. View as grid list. Abg syringe bd microtainer tube with bd microgard bd quikheel safety lancet bd contact activated lancet bd vacutainer tube bd vacutainer needle holder molecular diagnostics abg syringe.

The syringes use an advanced formula of dry lithium heparin for consistent and accurate readings. Arterial line samplers use a non vented syringe available in 1 ml 3 ml and 5 ml sizes with a solid rubber plunger designed only to aspirate. Adult ped neonatal a line cord gas kits.

1 ml luer slip syringe 3 ml luer lock syringe or 3 ml luer slip slip syringe.

Arterial Blood Gas Kit 3cc Pulset Syringe 23ga X 1in A B 22ga X 1 1 2in B 25 U Balanced Heparin Tri Anim Health Services

Arterial Blood Gas Kit Abg Pro Vent W 1 Ml Luer Slip Syringe W Filter Pro 25 Ga X 5 8 In Needle Tri Anim Health Services

China Abg Syringe Molds Arterial Blood Gas Sampling Kits Plastic Molds China Arterial Blood Gas Sampling Kits Plastic Molds Abg Syringe Molds

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Smiths Medical 4598p 2 Kit Arterial Blood Gas Collection 3ml Syringe 23g X 1in 25iu Dry Lihep Sure Lok Needle Protection Sterile 200 Cs Cia Medical

Smiths Medical 4617p 1 Mckesson Medical Surgical

Smiths Medical Pro Vent Plus Arterial Blood Gas Sampling 3cc 70 5iu Kits Gloves Fisher Scientific

Pro Vent Plus 3 Ml Dry Lithium Low Heparin Respiratory Smiths Medical

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Pro Vent Plus 3 Ml Dry Lithium Heparin Respiratory Smiths Medical

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Micro Abg Gas Kit Arterial Blood Dr Lthm Hep 56 5iu 1ml 25gx5 8 100 Case Henry Schein Special Markets

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Pp Abg Syringe 20 Piece Rs 15 Piece Levram Life Sciences Private Limited Id 21923800655

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Gas Kit Arterial Blood Abg Lyophilized Heparin 113iu 23gx1 100 Case Henry Schein Medical

Smiths Medical 4042 2 Mckesson Medical Surgical

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