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Po2 79 torr 10 5 kpa. The most common abg abnormalities detected relate to an excess of acid.

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If the ph 7 35 then the patient is acidosis remember the lower the ph number the higher the acid level in the body.

Abg normal ranges kpa. The normal range for bicarbonate is 22 26mmol l. If there is a chronic acidosis additional bicarbonate is produced by the kidneys to keep the ph in range. An abg is performed and reveals the following.

15 22 ml per 100 ml of blood 6 6 9 7 mmol l. An abg is performed on the patient who is not currently receiving any oxygen therapy. Supine pao2 104 13 8 0 42 x age.

If there are additional acids in the blood the level of bicarbonate will fall as ions are used to buffer these acids. Normal range 10 5 to 13 5 kpa if the po 2 level is low it indicates an abnormally low concentration of blood oxygen hypoxaemia. They have no significant past medical history and are not on any regular medication.

Normal blood gas values values arterial venous capillary ph 7 35 7 45 7 33 7 44 7 35 7 45 pco 2 kpa 4 6 6 0 5 0 6 4 4 6 6 0 po 2 kpa 10 6 5 3 variable hco. Partial pressure of oxygen pao2. 7 49 7 35 7 45.

Seated pao2 104mmhg 13 8 kpa 0 27 x age in years. The normal value for the partial pressure of arterial oxygen pao2 irrespective of age is greater than 80 mmhg 10 6 kpa mellengard k 1966 sorbini ca et al 1968. 22 26 meq l 22 26 mmol l oxygen content o2ct.

35 45 mm hg 4 6 5 9 kpa ph. In health we are driven to take our next breath by the arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide p a co 2 which is intimately linked to ph although there is an additional receptor the hypoxic centre in the brain stem that monitors p a o 2 it spends most of it time asleep and is rather unconcerned about minor fluctuations in the level. Arterial blood gases normal values at sea level and breathing room air.

Base excess deficit 3 meq l 2 mmol l. How to interpret an abg the first value a nurse should look at is the ph to determine if the patient is in the normal range above or below. The normal pao2 for a given age can be predicted from.

What are the most common arterial blood gas abnormalities. 14 11 13 kpa 105 mmhg 82 5 97 5 mmhg ph. Blood oxygen levels po 2 level.

The respiratory system oxygenation vs ph. Greater than 80 mm hg greater than 10 6 kpa partial pressure of carbon dioxide paco2. If a patient s ph 7 45 the patient is in alkalosis.

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