Main Street Update – 6 November 2016

Anyone who has ever worked with plumbing knows that valves can be tricky things. We looked into the leaky valve at Main and Mill Streets this week knowing that it could have gone either way. Unfortunately, things went the wrong way and the valve is now leaking much worse and it needs to be replaced.

We couldn’t get a stake-out before next Tuesday, 8 November 2016. Once that stake-out tells us where the underground lines are, we will pre-dig the area (either late Tuesday or Wednesday, weather permitting). Actual valve replacement will take place in the overnight hours of Wednesday, the 9th, or Thursday, the 10th, following the procedures originally described in the post from 24 October 2016 (Water Work on Main Street), again, weather permitting.

The work will require water to be shut off along a stretch of Main Street. Affected homes and businesses will be notified in advance.