Monthly Archives: October 2015

Leaf Season

It’s hard to believe, but the leaves are starting to fall. This seems like a perfect time to remind you about the Village’s leaf and brush collection policies.

The Village will collect yard brush from homeowner’s properties. Please place brush between the street and the sidewalk (or nest to the street where no sidewalk exists). Try to keep larger branches separate from smaller objects, and all items generally facing the same direction. We do not collect trash, grass clippings, construction debris, dirt, gravel, stone, or brush from commercial landscapers. We do collect branches from trees, shrubs, and woody weeds. Do not combine leaves and brush. We attempt to collect brush every other week. Residents who don’t want to wait for our pick-up are welcome to bring their brush to the pile on the south side of the Village barn on Gaylord Street. The same materials are accepted and prohibited as with curb-side pick-up.

The Village will collect leaves from residences from late-October until all leaves are collected or until snow makes further collection impossible. Place leaves between the street and sidewalk (or next to the street where no sidewalk exists). The equipment with which we collect leaves is different than that which we use for brush pick-up, so please do not combine leaves and brush in the same pile.

Leaf collection will begin soon and we anticipate one more brush pick-up this year.