Monthly Archives: August 2015


We have removed a large section of sidewalk on Carlton Street south of Sergeant. We will be pouring new sidewalks there as soon as possible. If the weather cooperates, and our remaining employees remain injury-free, work will begin the last week of August.

Next year, we’re looking at sidewalks at the lower end of Mill Street.

Speaking of sidewalks:
In most communities, sidewalks are the responsibility of the homeowner. This includes proper installation and adequate maintenance. The Village of Sodus has recognized that we have a special situation where we are more capable of installing and maintaining the sidewalks than many of our homeowners.

We will install new sidewalks as time and resources allow, but there are important considerations.

  • We will completely replace the¬†sidewalk on one side of each street as we update the drainage and street surfaces, or as required. Eventually, every street will have at least one good sidewalk.
  • We will not replace individual¬†sections of sidewalk.
  • We will do our best to leave trees and walls/fences intact. We will replace any trees that need to be removed, and consider walls and other structures on a case-by-case basis.
  • It is our current policy and practice to cut through driveways and place new sidewalk at the level of the driveway. If you have strong opinions about this, please contact the Village Clerk (483.9821) and let us know about your thoughts and situation.
  • The homeowner must not pave over or alter the sidewalk.
  • Sidewalks must remain clear of obstructions. This includes vehicles. There is absolutely no parking allowed on Village sidewalks. Violators will be ticketed.
  • If a homeowner would like to replace the sidewalk in front of his or her home, please contact the Village. We will assist with the removal of any existing sidewalk and install and pack gravel for a proper foundation. The concrete and labor for laying the sidewalk itself will be at the homeowner’s expense, but it must conform with Village requirements. Call the Village Clerk (483.9821) for additional details.

2015 Summer Projects

In addition to the usual business of maintaining our streets, the Village is working hard to make improvements. The picture above, is the drainage project we are doing in advance of resurfacing Spring Street. This street has been in need of repair for a long time, and we are making sure it gets done right. We hope to have the drainage working better than it ever has before, the street resurfaced, and new sidewalks put in before the snow flies.

We also hope to get to an unresolved drainage issue on Orchard Terrace taken care of before the season ends.