Village of Sodus, NY

In the Village of Sodus this Week:

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank our Village employees who work hard and give so much to keep our community functioning behind (and sometimes in front of) the scenes: Ben, Brian, Bryon, Chris D., Chris H., Corey, Dustin, Josh, Karen, Mark, Phil, and Tom. You get to make a difference in 2,000 lives every day and you are appreciated. We have great things in store for 2019, and I will make sure that more people know about them.

David Englert

The Zoning Board of Appeals is looking for two Village resents to serve as alternate board members, and one person to fill a vacancy. Please call the Village Clerk at 315.483.9821 if interested in serving.


Our Municipal Water Supply

The news from Flint, MI recently has concerned many of us about the quality of our drinking water. Rest assured that the water produced by the Village of Sodus continues to be of the highest quality. We regularly test for a wide array of potential contaminants. The 2016 Water Quality Report is now available at

Speaking of water, the Village is very pleased to announce that our very own Phil Badman has been selected as the 2016 New York Rural Water Association Water Operation Specialist of the Year! Congratulations, Phil!